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    Zeeaul Haque


    About Zeeaul Haque

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    Md Abu Yousuf

    Solutions Architect & System Analyst

    About Md Abu Yousuf

    Experienced Systems Administrator and Linux server specialist has wide range of experience. He had vision to start his own IT firm and started Cabernet Web Solutions. His professional ambition is to contribute to the discipline of Business where he can implement his knowledge and expertise to ensure standardization. A motivated and professional individual seeks a great working environment which is both challenging and stimulating. He specializes in the application of high-performance computing (HPC) to a wide range of engineering problems, including both physics-based simulation and large-scale data analysis. His previous research experience involved the development of stochastic modeling approaches for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of single and multi-phase reacting flows for propulsion applications. He has developed highly parallel algorithms for optimized solver performance, such as the load-balancing of a Lagrangian Monte-Carlo solver, as well as statistical analysis of large-scale time series data.

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    Sheikh Jamil Ahmed

    Project Manager

    About Sheikh Jamil Ahmed

    Sheikh Jamel Ahmed is a Global Entrepreneur, Former Team Leader of Tesco (UK), left his job for doing something difference, Partner of Cabernet Web Solutions, Executive Director of Arooth Trading House Limited (UK) where he leads a team that developing and expanding its global footprint and making sourcing tools available and useful, and catalysing entrepreneurial initiatives to empowering exporter to sell their product anywhere around the world.